Discuss 4 Different Types of Essays

Essay writing is a part of academic activities but generally a shorter piece of writing. These can be formal and informal and are different in nature.

Professors usually assign such writing tasks to access and monitor the writing skills of the students. Thus, those who do not possess good writing skills rely on write my essay for me help to get done with their essays.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to write your essay, you can take help from this article. The first essential step is to identify the essay’s type that you assigned and the techniques involved to write it.

Types of Academic Essays

There are different types of academic essays. Each of them aims to achieve different goals. The major types of essays include:

Expository Essay

An expository essay only covers the facts and figures. A writer cannot add his own opinion and analysis to it. This makes it simple to write but it could be challenging as well. Thus, it is beneficial to design a well-structured outline and stick to it throughout the process.

An expository essay incorporates different types of essays. They are:

Cause and effect essays

Process essays

Compare and contrast essays

Analytical Essay

Such type of essay is involving the analysis of a writing piece by breaking it down into different parts. These are analyzed both individually and as a whole.

Admission Essay

Students are also required to write admission essays or personal statements when applying to colleges. It helps the college admission committees to judge the following factors in a student:


Academic Achievements

Writing Skills

Future Goals

Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are mainly written for attaining financial assistance from the academic institution. The purpose of this essay is to persuade and impress the college in a way that they grant them a scholarship.

This article will help students to get an idea about different essay types. However you can go for professional essay writing service for more help online.


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